The New Marketing: Social Media, Email and the Art of Storytelling

“The New Marketing: Social Media and the Art of Storytelling” by John Sadowsky is a quick and enjoyable read. A short quick read with many practical examples and applications. In today’s social media driven business world, brands need to be more than a product or a service. They need to be an experience.

John Sadowsky writes about branding because he experiences it first hand. He is currently a VP of Digital Advertising at Newmarket Group in London, UK. Prior, to that he was CMO at Kompulant, one of the largest pay-per-click search advertising agencies in Europe. He has also been a SME Executive for the last five years. In his book, he shares his insights on how to brand yourself through social media, build your online reputation, and create an email list of passionate followers.

I think this would make a great coffee table book for the person who has never worked in marketing before.line.

This is an outstanding email course that breaks down every piece of the creative process from beginning to end and explains each method in detail. In The New Marketing, John shows you how to create stories, and he breaks it down into the three parts of creating content, creating the email, and following up. He even provides an example of an email marketing campaign using four emails. I’ve learned that email is the most cost effective form of advertising, and John has put this into very clear perspective throughout this course. In The New Marketing, John Sadowsky shows you how to write a compelling email that gets opened and read by your target audience.

The story you create when you email your audience will directly correlate to your sales. Email, like all forms of marketing, works because it provides a story, or characters, for your audience to follow. The art of story telling is a very powerful tool, and John brilliantly lays out each part of the email story in his The New Marketing series.

The four email examples that the course uses as a basis for their email story telling methods can be very powerful. The first email in the series starts off with an obvious statement, “I love you,” followed by a personal story about a very common problem that many people face. Then, in the third paragraph, the solution to the problem is given, then a way to solve the problem is shared. The fourth email uses a form of advertising to get followers to forward the story on to their friends. This form of advertising, however, is subtle, yet still very effective.

The email courses that I’ve looked at all have one thing in common, they all begin by clearly outlining the purpose of email marketing, explaining the different ways to get the most from it, and providing a brief report of the different strategies being used. In The New Marketing, John mentions social media, but only briefly, and ends the email with a powerful call to action. He then provides four different ways to make money through social media marketing.

What I like best about The New Marketing is that it breaks down the barriers between traditional marketing and modern internet marketing. In this case, it really is all about getting your message out there and being seen by as many eyes as possible. Just as email marketers had to face challenges before being recognized, social media marketers face even bigger challenges as more people become savvy to how easy it is to market online through Facebook, Twitter, and the other sites. A good email course like this will help you learn how to reach potential customers while staying on top of what’s new in the world of email marketing