The Philosopher's Guild - a fantasy adventure by Daniel Trump - affordable book publicity

The world’s most famous philosophers are re-imagined as fantasy realm teenagers and given free reign to have adventures in the city-state of Lothen – for good or ill. Nietzsche wants to take over and prove his superiority, Hobbes kills because it’s fun, and Nicky Machiavelli tries to influence the throne to his own personal gain. Fortunately, some philosophers are heroes: Mina Beauvoir leads the Philosopher’s Guild and fights for women’s rights. Sammy and Phillip – Socrates and Plato – fight to find a worthy philosopher-king for Lothen and police the realm. Gotey – the Buddha – searches for enlightenment. Carly Marksian – Karl Marx – fights like hell for the common people. Watch these titans do battle over the fate of Lothen in this fantasy novel by schizophrenic novelist Daniel Trump.