Devanti has introduced four new products in the range of their portable washing machines and this one is called the Devanti Black Mini. It is designed to be super fast and one of the newest designs of the portable washing machines.

 It was initially introduced as a portable clothes dryer and has been designed to be extremely powerful when compared to other mini washing machines available in the market. 

This portable machine was also designed to have the capability to handle high levels of washing in just five to six seconds. When it comes to features this washing machine has all you could ever want.

It comes with a convenient two-cup capacity, an electric rinse setting, a high load setting, a stainless steel front, an anatomically contoured back and front handles which are made of high quality material and they come with a lifetime warranty.


While washing it is possible to control the heat settings using a handy heat dial and a variable water level setting as well. It has been designed to be very energy efficient and can perform its function very effectively. The Devanti 4KG uses electricity for power and so any kind of electricity including cordless ones can be used for the purpose. It comes with a unique electronic key that makes starting and stopping the machine simple and with minimal fuss and hassle. Once the machine is switched on it runs smoothly and all you would need to do is to set the time and temperature controls and off you go.

This product is very powerful as it can handle over one hundred and thirty gallons of water in just fifteen minutes. It is compact and it is easy to handle and maintain – so it can be given as a gift to your son or daughter or grandchild. The Devanti 4KG Portable Mini Washing Machine – Black is perfect for any domestic use as it is capable of performing the job in less time and does it flawlessly.