You know TikTok is hot, and maybe you’ve even heard about Renegade dance choreography and Dalgona coffee. But what does that have to do with marketing your ecommerce brand? Is it worth it for your business? Let’s discuss. 
First off, the reach is undeniable, even astounding; TikTok surpassed Google as the most visited web domain in 2021, beating out the search engine’s nearly 15-year reign. Is that news to you? Well, not to the countless people living on the platform and loving it. 

Consumers of all demographics use TikTok to be educated, entertained, and enlightened. The reach is unmatched by any other social media network, and TikTok’s hyper-intelligent algorithm funnels content to those who will be most interested. What does that mean for your brand? That your content is likely to reach your ICP
Investing time, money, and brainpower in a new marketing channel is nothing to take lightly, but TikTok is making waves for brands in all verticals and can for yours as well. 

TikTok: not (just) for Zoomers.

Despite the platform’s roots (a heavily Gen-Z-led app), TikTok is fair game for all demographics. User age demographics are surprisingly even, so brands with ideal customers in any age group can find value on the platform.


Niche marketing like never before.

With over a billion users a month — and 90% of those users scrolling at least once daily — the aforementioned algorithm helps niche communities find their footing on TikTok. 
For lovers of #BookTok, parenting content, witchcraft and crystals, roller skating, or any other corner of this vast platform, TikTok’s algorithm learns from the content users interact with then funnels kindred content to them in the hope that the cycle continues. Those with narrowly defined common interests can find themselves quickly pulled into similar content obsessions, and thus, a (TikTok) star is born. 

Marketing at the speed of TikTok.

This opportunity also poses one of the channel’s most significant challenges: every day, vast quantities of new material land on the app, and to achieve a fleeting moment of virality, Creators have to get involved with a near real-time response.
There’s no exact formula for determining what’s going to take off or not, which is why creators love the platform – it requires creativity, ingenuity, and razor-sharp audience insights. 
Manscaped is an ecomm brand to look to for inspo — their videos are funny, and their impressions have skyrocketed (drastically lowering their CPM as a result).

TikTok and ecommerce marketing go steady.

At one point, the TikTok hype seemed like it could have a moment as fleeting as the viral videos it churns out. However, with its new position as number one in the domain rankings, marketers are clear that TikTok is here to stay and getting smart about its value as a search engine. It’s a whole new way to connect with and acquire customers, which is a welcome outlook for any ecommerce brand. 
What’s more, TikTok creates powerful social proof and lets potential customers “test” a product via their feed and peer recommendations. 

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is a love language. 

TikTok has leaned into one of our favorite 2022 trends of making mobile (shopping) a priority, allowing creators to tag products and make them shoppable to convert directly from the app.
Everything from product hauls to ASMR to dance choreography is game on TikTok — and brands are using these trends to reach new audiences in different ways while also promoting their products. 
There are 8.4 billion videos tagged “TikTok Made Me Buy It,” a real testament to TikToks value as a socially driven search engine as well as a selling machine.

So, we’re on TikTok now…

Truth: Most brands find themselves on a content creation hamster wheel.
Another truth: it is a direct route to burnout (for your team and customers), but it’s also avoidable. 
When making content for TikTok, you can build it into your existing content creation initiatives by remixing or editing content for the need of each channel. Read through the article above for ideas on creating content for multi-channel use, which will give you a consistent message across platforms while still ensuring you show up channel appropriate in each.
Plus, it’s not all dance videos and drool-worthy food videos. Thought pieces, education, and info are successful on TikTok, too. Everything from “How should I layer my skincare products?” to “Where should I source my coffee beans from?” has the potential to grow steam on the platform from micro-communities and focused consumers in your vertical.

Lean into your weird and wonderful.

brand story is essential in helping you connect with your customers and will guide how you build your TikTok presence. TikTok is an opportunity to let that story shine so that you find your niche customer community. So get into your weird, wonderful, unique POV with a hot-take, a spin, or a super-specific deep dive into the topics that your brand loves to discuss.
For example, we’re obsessed with Scrub Daddy’s cheeky, meme-inspired TikTok content and Gymshark’s commitment to creating hyper-focused videos around gym culture and motivation. 
Sellers of every product or service can find value in leveraging their unique brand story on TikTok while curating a community along the way.

#manifestTok your ecomm success

Yes, that’s a thing. And precisely what we want for you as you venture into this new channel. 
Fast-moving, creative, nimble ecommerce brands have everything to gain from giving their creativity free reign on the platform. Look to other brands for inspiration, find the unique points in your brand story to play with, and have fun. 
TikTok, after all, was first and foremost an app designed to entertain. As always, when serving your customers is the guiding light, your ecommerce business will flourish. 
And of course, when you make that viral TikTok video, be sure to tell your customers via email and SMS – we’ve got you covered there!