The Wayward Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose - an exciting and fun fantasy adventure by A.S. Norris - self-published book marketing service

The mage, Jack Wartnose, is on a quest for the illusive Tome of Time. Tensions between him and his party are running high, and border exploding when he runs into his long lost childhood love after almost twenty years. As if that was not a big enough surprise, she reveals he has a son! Forced to make good on his promise to marry her from all those years ago, he has no choice but to take his new wife and son along for the adventure. Now he has to contend with learning to be a husband and father, all the while dealing with mutinous party members, undead assassins, and more skeletons from his past he wished stayed good and buried.

If you’re a fan of an epic tale like Lord of the Rings and the humor and romance found in Princess Bride, then this is just the adventure for you!