Here’s a collection of all the tools and resources we’ve mentioned so far in our GA4 series, plus a few extra — including all of our articles on it.

Key articles by Google support

Universal Tag Manager tools

Google Tag Manager help

For WordPress

Using GTM with other CMS 

Data Layer Building — Tracking the right clicks

Tag analysis — what’s firing on my site?

  • Google Tag Assistant is a Chrome extension that ensures Google tags such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking and more are working correctly. 
  • Data Slayer is a Chrome extension for debugging and testing tag management (Google Tag Manager, DTM, Tealium) and analytics implementations.

Templates to use to map commerce to GA4

Consent Management Platforms with resources about Google’s Consent Mode

‘How to’ helpers

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Getting started with Google Analytics 4

An ongoing series

  1. Redefine success
  2. Setting up goals
  3. Setting up your website
  4. Data-driven attribution
  5. Customized insights
  6. Events and Conversions
  7. UTM tagging
  8. GA4 Setup Assistant part 1
  9. GA4 Setup Assistant part 2

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