I hear a lot of people complaining about gift officers not meeting with enough donors.

Usually, these complaints come from people who don’t really do much face-to-face fundraising on their own. Instead, interestingly, they manage people who do.

But sadly, they fail to realize that the top reasons why their staff are not meeting with enough donors face-to-face is because either:

  1. They failed to hire the right people for the job in the first place
  2. They failed to provide them with highly qualified leads
  3. They failed to train them on how to set appointments

So, if you’re one of the complainers, ask yourself if you have the right staff or did you hire the first warm body that came through the door and promised to do the job? I know, hiring is a pain in the ass. But if you do it right, most of your other problems go away.

Ask yourself, are you providing them with highly qualified leads or are you telling them to generate their own leads? Most fundraisers are not very good at generating leads. If you mention it to them, they look at you funny. They tend to be focused on ‘outbound’ not ‘inbound.’ That’s old-school and it has got to change. You should be generating and providing them with highly qualified leads. If you aren’t, contact us!

And ask yourself, have you trained them properly on how to set appointments? Too many face-to-face fundraisers suck at this, but they are great at building relationships and closing gifts. Don’t make them do the stuff they suck at! Hire someone else to do it or train them properly!

By the way, I’ve never met anyone in the sector who can explain how to do this well. Sad, isn’t it? Most leaders and consultants in the sector simply have no idea how to set appointments. If you don’t either, you owe it to your staff to learn how or invest in some training.

Bottom line: If they are failing and you are their boss, it’s actually your fault. Have a nice day!


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