Top 9 Free Trend Analysis Tools Recommended(for beginners)

Discover valuable trends in target countries and regions, market demand and trends are very important, so in fact, for the control of product trends we have to do in their own platform to analyze, for example, what products you want to do, you can search for the corresponding keywords in the platform, and then look at the sales trends and results, to make a preliminary judgment for the selection of products, as well as the subsequent decision to provide a database.

Top 9 ecommerce analytics tools

Here we’re sharing our top 9 free tools that can help you analyze and optimize your e-commerce business in 2021.

1.Google Trends

Google trends is the most famous trending tool, I’m sure you all know it, so I won’t describe it here. But then I will write an article about how to use google trends.

2.Global Business Opportunities

You can quickly check the potential market, customer acquisition cost, business profile, and other useful data of various commodities.Help you easily explore global business opportunities.

3.Think with Google

Google’s retail trend analysis, which supports 11 countries including the U.S., can analyze the key retail categories with the fastest weekly uptrends.


Reason:Support nested queries before “Top Google queries, Rising Google queries, Top Amazon queries and Top YouTube queries”, which is convenient.

5.Microsoft’s Retail Search Trends tool

Allows you to check retail search keyword trends for the last 1-2 years.

6.Youtube Trends

you can see the official trends report, you can also see the last 24 hours of video views ranking, and so on

7.Pinterest Trends

Discover what people are browsing on Pinterest, unfortunately it only supports analyzing the US and Canada at the moment.


You can view real-time data of today’s twitter trending topics by country and region, a very good tool.

9.Facebook IQ

Discover popular content on Facebook and ins for various purposes, and analyze the user profile of popular content

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