Twitter For Dummies Review - An Overview

A fully comprehensive guide to using Twitter for Dummies, the fastest growing social networking utility, sports several new features, and most importantly, they are all covered in this well-detailed how-to article by an online marketing guru. It really is a must-have for any newbie who wants to get some serious twittering going with their business. Brittany Leaning and Laura Fitton have done a fantastic job of covering every aspect from getting started to advanced tips and strategies for maximizing your Twitter For Dummies account and your online marketing efforts. You can not just put all of your Twitter accounts together and expect them to be successful. Twitter For Dummies is a very interactive tool and one that requires a lot of strategic planning and free time for you and your followers to really be able to maximize your social media marketing.

This book review is based on the knowledge and years of experience of Laura Fitton and Brittany Leaning. They have both been online marketers for many years and know what they are talking about when it comes to twittering and using Twitter For Dummies as a marketing tool. What makes their book so valuable is that they have taken all of their years of experience and put them all into one simple read book. 

This book is a “must-have” for anyone who wants to know everything they need to use Twitter effectively. The authors have gone over all the basic requirements of setting up your Twitter For Dummies account and explaining the “newbie” level twitter guidelines. You also get a thorough explanation of why Twitter is important to your business.

The book’s main focus is to help you understand the basics of Twitter For Dummies, how it works, and the different types of people you should be keeping in contact with. When you read this book and understand all of the information, you will have everything you need to start and keep yourself on track with Twitter and understand how to use Twitter to market your business. Even if you are just getting started with online marketing, you will find this book very helpful. Even if you already have an online marketing consultancy firm, you will benefit from this quick and easy-to-follow guide.

As someone who has worked in and around social marketing my whole life, I was pleasantly surprised by how well The Artist’s Way fits into a social media framework. It is definitely not for the novice, as several parts throughout the book require a basic understanding of social networking and general internet marketing principles and concepts. However, if you are already familiar with these concepts, then The Artist’s Way should prove very useful and a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Brittany Leaning does a great job of breaking down each topic, lesson, and concept into easily digestible pieces so that even those with minimal reading skills can get the benefit of the information. Additionally, she includes audio files for many of the sections, which allow you to listen while driving, preparing a meal, or doing other activities that allow you to get the full benefit of her information. As with any other product that requires you to understand and learn new skills, this book will require some time.

Overall, Twitter for Dummies really helps provide a great deal of information for people who wish to learn more about using this social network as a marketing tool. It also gives those who are just starting a great place to get started. It is a fairly inexpensive course, and it can be a beneficial learning aid for many people. Even if you aren’t a professional marketer, it’s always good to know what to look for when doing your research.