The invention of the smartphone in 2007 expanded the possibilities of online shopping, but the pandemic quickly transformed this channel into a necessity. Today, shoppers expect a seamless and personalized digital experience to make quick selections for delivery or BOPIS, and the best platform for this is the native app.

Brands have launched direct-to-consumer sales to improve their margins, and ReCommerce and Secondhand marketplaces have exploded, with high growth projections continuing. Branch helped build the playbook of best practices for the world’s most innovative eCommerce brands in diverse industries.

For fashion brands, your native app can unlock growth, drive down costs, and win at loyalty in this forever changed market. Mobile first was last decade, it’s time to put your app first in 2023.

Fashion platforms have evolved since the pandemic, but are you keeping up? Join our webinar to learn the mobile best practices and growth hacks from this trend.
  • How Fashion brands sell continues to evolve, while also poised for near term growth
  • Native apps are unlocking higher Customer Lifetime Value, with Loyalty programs turning casual customers into fans for life
  • Owned channels are an underutilized source of growth, offering lower costs of acquisition and higher returns
  • Social commerce will rise to the forefront, but only app-first platforms will maximize the opportunity

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