Tuff Contender’s DJay Brawner expands his directorial collaboration with Vans in their latest Custom Culture films. Releasing four films since the new year, Custom Culture is a Vans’ arts initiative created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity through art and design while bringing attention to diminishing arts education budgets.

The passing of Vans Co-Founder, Paul Van Doren, last May inspired this year’s newest theme, “Van D(IY)oren Legacy”. To pay homage to the entrepreneur and innovator that Paul Van Doren was, Vans is asking students to showcase their DIY take on the four pillars that make up Vans as a brand. These four pillars, action sports, art, music, and street culture, which have been integral parts of Vans identity since its inception in 1966.

Launched to date are “Creative Tips” featuring artists David Heo, Jay Howell, Sydney G. James, and Tony Whlgn. From sketch to full-scale production, the videos weave together stages of ideation to material preparation with warm interviews of these artists across the US who reveal the accessibility of visual arts in its many forms.