Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner and Pies: All of your Thanksgiving dinner and dessert classics made vegan! by Audrey Dunham - book promotion sites

Come have a seat at Audrey’s table and prepare to be taken on a journey to craft the perfect vegan Thanksgiving spread. Each recipe will warm your heart with nostalgic flavors of Thanksgivings past.

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner & Pies teaches home cooks how to easily “veganize” their favorite Thanksgiving dinner and dessert classics, such as fluffy mashed potatoes, sky-high biscuits, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and of course, the turkey roast.

Your mouth will water as you turn each page, as nearly every written recipe is accompanied by a large, colorful recipe photograph. Also included are tips on how to make most recipes gluten free, as well as “make ahead tips” to help the busy host best manage their time in the kitchen.

Each recipe includes grams and milliliters measurements in addition to cups and spoons.