Book Review: The Filmmakers Guide to Video and Film Marketing

Book Review: The Filmmakers Guide to Video and Film Marketing by Michael Wiese is packed with ideas that can help budding filmmakers to create successful marketing campaigns and get more out of their projects. I also like that this isn’t a “how-to” book – there’s no need to know about flash drives or cameras in this one! The book focuses on concepts that filmmakers should already be familiar with, like SEO, social networking, and viral marketing, so it’s not a “how-to” book. In fact, the entire focus of the book is on marketing strategies – how to find, develop, and use the most effective marketing tactics to get your Film Marketing or video scene.

You’ll learn the basics of SEO, including what “white hat” search engine optimization is and how to make your website more search engine friendly. You’ll learn about using video to promote your website and about choosing the right music for your videos. You’ll be introduced to viral marketing, which is a fun way to get your message out about your movie or video. Finally, you will be introduced to movie casting and see which Film Marketing may be a good fit for you.

The book ends with several case studies and a Q&A section at the end. The case studies are fascinating and reflect the different ways that the author has used video marketing to market his or her own or other filmmakers’ films. The questions that the case studies answer is straightforward to understand and help flesh out the information you may have already gained from the book. I also liked that there was a final Q&A section at the end. It’s short, but it answers the questions you may have about how to use the book’s information best. Overall, this is a great book to add to your library, especially if you are an aspiring filmmaker.

This is an informative, behind-the-scenes insider’s look at the film & video marketing industry. From the creation of the project right through to its sale to a viewing audience, this book presents clear, detailed strategies that should address any independent film or web video producer’s different requirements. Michael Wiese provides an insightful look at what is necessary for producing successful films and videos. His clear writing style leaves the reader with the necessary information to succeed in this industry.

The subjects included in this text include everything from selecting a potential lead character to how to design a movie trailer. Also, Michael offers advice on how to market your Film Marketing through various media such as press releases, online trailers, television spots, and more. There is no specific genre or marketing technique referred to throughout this text, but the concepts and ideas are easily applicable to independent films and the multi-media market. These include but are not limited to advertising (traditional), direct mail, festival participation, music industry promotions, viral video, theatrical presentations, corporate video, television programming, and more. Film Marketing and video marketing, like all industries, must constantly evolve and change to stay up to date with the times and remain competitive.

This is a helpful book for Film Marketing and video makers looking to trade to the next level. The concepts presented within apply to anyone interested in making and distributing videos or films. The book is organized by topic and includes at least one chapter that focuses on each of the major types of film and video marketing. This includes topics such as film financing, film distribution, casting, crew members, storyboards, animation, graphic design, music, public relations, TV show script, TV show concept, TV show production, TV show distribution, marketing, DVD production, TV pilot, animated film and more. The book has an easy-to-read format that is geared towards both novice and experienced filmmakers.