Hello, Reddit!

I’m one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian software-development company with 40 engineers

Recently our main account in Google Workspace was automatically suspended by some Google bot because of “suspicious activity”, and support told me that “such accounts are unrecoverable—they can’t be restored by a Google administrator or Google Workspace support as stated on the Help Center article I shared with you.”

The thing is that account is the owner or main account:

– Active campaigns in Google Ads

– Almost every single Spreedsheet, Docs, and Slides that shared with employees who cannot access them anymore

– Has all the PDFs regarding our US LLC in Google Drive

– Important emails with info from US Tax department, invoices that we paid in Gmail

– Our corporate photos in Google Photos

– Two locations in Google My Business

– A lot of other things, so literally EVERYTHING what is needed for our company to function

Our company is paralyzed at this moment because of that reason, we have 40 engineers and most of them are in Ukraine, they and their families are rely on the income from our company and we don’t know what to do to restore that account with all the information on it

Our ticket is reference is #40776405 if might help

If anyone can help us with our case, or have any connections to Google Team we will highly appreciate it

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