What Is The Problem?

our google ads account was suspended several months ago and we have had no luck getting it back.

Why Was Your Account Banned?

We have literally reviewed the full google ad policy line by line and cannot bind a single rule we violated.

we have sent email after email to google asking to tell us exactly which policy violation we are being accused of.

Google never answers the question and every time we email them we get an email 2-3 weeks later that basically says “sorry our decision is final”

We have tried calling but as soon as we put account number it says phone support not available for suspended account and only option is to file appeal.

What Exactly Do You Want?

– step 1 = you will provide us with a new google ads account or we will use a new account from a friend or family member.

– step 2 = before we launch the campaign you will have your google rep review all our pages and creatives to make sure there are no issues at all,

– step 3 = once the campaign goes live, if any account issues happen that cause our ads to stop running; you must have your google rep fix the problem and have our account back to spending within 24 hours.

– step 4 = we must be able to spend at least $500 000 USD per month starting this month

How Much Are You Paying?

we will pay you 20% of ad spend and guarantee we can spend at least $500 000 USD per month.

we can pay you daily, we can pay you with PayPal or wire or crypto….whatever payment format or payment schedule you want is fine with us….we are very flexible and have great cashflow

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