I am a wedding photographer who has a Adwords campaign I am running for one destination. Originally it was setup by an agency to run, but they cost me too much money on the setup (and A HORRIBLE ROI), so now I try to learn this all myself.

  • Current Analytics for past 90 Days: Clicks 1.4K, Impr 18.8K, Avg CPC $1.53, $spent – $2200
  • Conversions: 30 contact form submissions, 499 Page Views +2, 2+ minutes viewed – 213 times,

My main goal with my Adwords is to generate leads. I want people to hit my landing pages and fill out the contact form.

My account was setup by the agency as Maximize Conversions. We were running a bunch of different campaigns. Now I am only running one campaign ( 6 keywords + Dynamic Ads), as I am only focused on the new service area that I moved to recently.

So my questions:

  1. What bidding strategy is best for obtaining contact form submissions?
  2. What conversions should really matter. Currently I have setup the following: Contact Form Submission, Calls, Page Views ( +2 Pages Viewed, 2+ minutes Page views)

Any suggestions are welcome with proper explanation. Also this is not me asking for someone to be paid to do it. The goal is to learn from my mistakes and what the agency has done already.

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