I’m looking to get a CRM setup for a small nonprofit to help with their student admissions process.

Here are the core things we’re looking for that a few of the simple CRMs (Less Annoying CRM, Wobaka) didn’t seem to offer:

  1. A way to assign multiple reviewers to an applicant so they can all rate the application
  2. A way to easily see a dashboard of how many reviews each applicant has and the average score

For context the process is basically:

  1. Many applicants send submissions
  2. Each applicant is reviewed by 3-5 staff members
  3. The top applications are interviewed and scored
  4. Students are admitted/rejected

I’m sure that some tools like salesforce an do this, but looking for a solution with as little overhead as possible that’s more robust than google sheets.

What would features like this be called?

Any suggestions for CRMs well suited to this case?

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