This is the first post in our Category Design Series.

Traditional branding & marketing has been evolving so fast in the last couple of years.

Nowadays, it’s not about beating everyone else at the game – it’s about creating your own game.

We call this new strategy category design.

In an age of digital disruption and rapid innovation, category design is the ultimate business strategy for creating and developing new categories of products and services.

And, more often than not, the creators become the category kings and queens.

In the coming posts, we’ll explore category design 101, showing you how to implement it so that you can succeed in the age of disruptive innovation.

First, let’s start by defining category design.

What Is Category Design?

Category design is a strategy that focuses on creating a new marketing category to monetize and monopolize before competitors can enter the space.

By establishing a new niche that is free of competition, your company has an excellent chance of dominating it.

The term “category design” found its way into mainstream marketing consciousness in 2016, with the release of the book Play Bigger..

In the next post I will show you some great examples of category design.

Have a nice day!

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