With 2.94 billion monthly active users, Facebook (Meta) is one of the best ad networks to promote mobile games. However, still a lot of unnecassary mistakes get made, the most common one? Not optimizing lookalike audiences.

Even experienced mobile game marketers make the mistake of not updating lookalike audiences.

Facebook’s lookalike audiences are one of its most important targeting options. This option allows you to find users that are similar to your audience (eg by demographics or interests).

Most game advertisers use this option all the time.

Yet, a lot of them are missing out on its full potential.

When creating lookalike audiences, you can adjust their size range based on the source event (eg app installs). In this phase, you want to collect as much data on your lookalike audiences so that you can go pretty broad.

Once you gather enough data about lookalike audiences, it’s time to update them. You can do that by following these four steps:

  1. decrease size range to attract smaller, but more similar lookalike audiences
  2. change the lookalike audience source from “app installs” to “app opens”
  3. identify users who open your game and use it frequently
  4. create a custom lookalike audience based on step 3)

A lot of marketers make the same mistakes when advertising on Facebook (Meta). Read the article and check out our list of most common mistakes!

P.S. leave me a comment if there is something you’d add to the list!

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