What is the Multidimensional anger test? Is it accurate? Let’s figure out

Do the Multidimensional anger test and get strategies that you can consider to calm down and cope with your anger.

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Anger is one of the common issues among people. There are several reasons behind the aggressiveness and angriness of a person. It can be stress, mixed emotions, a hostile environment, etc. However, do you know you can measure your anger? Yes, you heard it right.

 In this online world, anger is multidimensional. You can easily measure it through a Multidimensional anger test. However, there are just a few people who know about this test. That is why to explain to you and let you know the accuracy of this test. Here is a guide for you. Check out below to learn about MAT. 

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What is the Multidimensional anger test?

Anger is never straightforward; the emotion is towards someone or something, and people become aggressive by seeing the particular thing. Thus, to help people find out the reason for their anger and check out the range of it, a Multidimensional anger test are an ideal solution. 

You can find this test on social media platforms. Besides, due to the effectiveness of understanding the situations and reasons for angriness, it has grabbed the attention of many people who are willing to measure their anger and find ways to manage it.

Is the Multidimensional anger test accurate?

The multidimensional anger test comes with 38 questions that reflect the experience of people with anger. It determines the reasons for your anger by analyzing your response. However, if you conduct this test, then it will reflect different scales of anger, such as-

  • Frequency of the anger
  • Duration of the anger
  • Anger’s magnitude
  • The mode of expression
  • The hostile outlook 
  • Range of your anger among with its solution

Each of these scales is further broken into two categories. The first is anger in, and another is anger out. When the test is conducted, you have to pick one-agree or disagree. Based on your answer, the proportion of your anger is determined.

However, the Multidimensional anger test is broken into different categories-

  • Anger arousal

It will cover the frequency, magnitude, and duration of your anger.

  • Anger spectrum

This will cover the breadth and scope of the situation and reflect what triggers the anger rage.

  • Hostile outlook

It will reflect how you observe people and see the world. If you score high, then you tend to be cynical.

  • External anger

This score reflects the temper level of your anger. If your score is high, then you are short-tempered.

  • Internal anger

The score reflects how guilty you are for expressing your anger.

Although this test doesn’t guarantee your accuracy, it depends upon the answers you have provided. 90% of the time, this test shows accurate results and helps you provide strategies that you can consider to calm down and cope with your anger. 

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