Awards are always special! And receiving them along the way when you work toward your primary objective makes it even more special. It indicates that you are on the right path and that your customers love or are satisfied with what you do. 

Throughout 2022, our customers have repeatedly spoken about Hippo Video in their reviews on G2, the world’s largest software review platform. 

Hippo Video won a host of G2 awards such as the momentum leader, category leader, high performer, and leader in categories such as sales enablement, sales engagement, video email, video CMS, video hosting, and video communication almost every quarter. 

We thank all our reviewers for their feedback, love, and support. You are all the sources of our motivation. 

Here is a list of G2 awards Hippo Video has received (Quarter-wise)

Spring 2022

List of G2 awards won by Hippo Video for spring 2022.

Summer 2022

List of G2 awards won by Hippo Video for summer 2022.

Fall 2022

List of G2 awards won by Hippo Video for fall 2022.

Winter 2022

List of G2 awards won by Hippo Video for winter 2022.

Why Do Customers Love Us?

For one reason: We disrupted the way video is used to connect with prospects and customers. We’ve questioned the status quo and added authenticity and interactivity to otherwise boring, static, and vanilla screen videos. 

It’s no secret that the world has moved toward seller-generated content that drives authentic engagement at every level, from prospecting to closing. 

However, the effort to make videos at each stage involves enormous time and resources. This remained a major hurdle to pass for almost every team thinking of making videos.

And they often leaned towards the less-impactful vanilla screen videos that are way past their glory days. The missing elements, such as hyper-personalization and interactivity, made them unengaging. 

Hippo Video has changed both and a few more things while at it.

User Enablement

AI-Powered Video Creation at Scale 

Hippo Video has enabled video creation at scale with AI-powered user-enabling features such as Humanize AI, AI Editor, Video Flows, Virtual Background, Teleprompter, and integrations with a variety of platforms. 

Viewer Engagement

Personalized Videos with Interactive Elements

A key highlight of our platform is the viewer engagement aspect, which helped GTM teams create hyper-personalized and interactive videos 5x faster. By adding CTAs, polls, surveys, forms, and branching, customer-facing teams have started booking 30% more meetings and closing deals faster than ever!

Analytics that Showcase Intent 

And topping it off with real-time video analytics, reports, and metrics that reflect the viewer’s intent. And all this with a plethora of integration capabilities with the sales, support, and marketing platforms that you already use.

One Platform to Rule Them All

The business environment is experiencing a bottom-up video content revolution, which is good. The best part is that Hippo Video is acing it.

Hippo Video is the only video platform that enables users to create hyper-personalized interactive business videos at scale across the customer journey.

We thank all our reviewers on G2 and our customers for their love and support. With this magnitude of multiplied motivation, we are ready to take on 2023.

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