Hi everyone, this might be a slightly unusual question but I’m looking to get a job as a digital marketer with a focus on Google ads. Problem is I don’t have any experience with pushing paid traffic – I built and sold an affiliate site, but that was pure content/organic traffic project. I have some money to play with now, though, and thought that the best way to impress a potential employer would be to learn through doing. So my question to you guys is – what kind of campaigns could I try my hand at that would, in a way, give me a positive “reputational” ROI? I don’t want to burn money for the sake of being able to say that I spent a bunch on Google Ads, at the same time it should be something with “weight”, i.e. commercial intent. Right now I’m drawing a blank. I was thinking of setting up a simple website and trying my hand at lead generation, but maybe someone has some solid advice they’d be willing to share. Thanks very much in advance!

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