Hello! I am curious about the theoretical “lowest” you can bid per click on a Google AdWords ad.

My initial assumption was that, if nobody else is bidding on a certain keyword, theoretically my ad should pop up any time someone searches that key word, no matter how low the bid. However, Google support has since specified to me that the ad must reach a certain threshold in terms of “Ad Quality” and “Budget” in order to be shown. Others on this AdWords forum have mentioned this as well.

However, I have never been given a specification of what that threshold is. Is there a GENERAL lowest “Maximum Cost Per Click” you can bid, and expect to see your ad showing up when the keywords are searched (Assuming nobody else is bidding on said keyword)? If so, is that closer to perhaps the 50c per click range, or the $1.00+ per click range?

Thanks so much!

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