On the PRmoment Podcast this week with me Ben Smith we’re talking to Chris Curtis, head of political polling at Opinium in the first of a regular slot where we discuss the latest polling trends in UK politics.

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Below is a summary of what we talk about, please note this podcast was recorded before Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid quit Boris Johnson’s government.

1.30 mins Will Boris will go this year?

3 mins “The Prime Minister has fallen to the level of approval rating that prime ministers don’t usually come back from and things are going to get a lot worse”

4 mins Chris on why The Tories are only 3 points behind in Opinium’s latest poll from 22nd June

5 mins Chris identifies the WAND (working age, no degree) voters who “will decide the next election.”

6.30 mins 58% of WAND’s voted to leave the EU.

8 mins Why the high rate of inflation and cost of living crisis has changed the communications response required from the government to the strikes.