Why Ultimate Email Marketing Plan: Why Email Marketing Fails

Hrishikesh Jobanputra, the Internet Guru author of Ultimate Email Marketing Plan: Why Email Marketing Fails and How to Make it Work, offers many practical email tips that help you avoid common pitfalls and succeed by targeting the right market with compelling copy and other Internet marketing tactics. Email Marketing Plan is not a magic bullet for success online. The reasons why your email campaign does not convert or work for your business boils down to one thing – your message. It is not a good idea to assume that your email messages will be received as they are and by a wide variety of people. Your emails need to appeal to the recipient to open them and begin appreciating and responding to what you are offering.

In Hrishikesh’s words, “the key to Email Marketing Plan success has an email message that is neither too long nor short and sweet, but that still gets the job done.” If your email message is not effective then your campaign will not work. While you want to get your messages into your recipients’ inbox on time, do not cut corners and deliver the same email message multiple times – perhaps even in different signatures or subject lines. The recipient needs to receive each email message that you send. Do not provide them with a link to another site or redirect them elsewhere.

Another key to an email Marketing Plan’s success is to make sure that the email messages you send out are not promotional in nature. While it is important to have your website links in the email messages, this should only be where it makes sense to place them – after all, these are business emails. If your customers feel that they have received a promotional email message, they will likely respond and buy from you. As Hrishikesh states, ” Customers want value for their money. If you deliver value in your email messages, then your customers are more likely to buy from you”.

First, many people assume that they already know the information they need to know about email marketing. Therefore, when a business tries to teach someone something, they often end up having to explain even more information to make sure that the new person listens. With so much information out there on email marketing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that the more you have to say, the better off you’ll be. This is never the case.

Second, the average person has no desire to search out everything they need to know about email marketing. People tend to be busy, and most people want to get work done. A good email marketing plan does not require you to do your research. The ultimate email marketing plan should allow you to focus on getting results instead of spending all your time researching. If you’re constantly researching for information and putting it off like it’s an impossible task, you won’t get any real results.

Lastly, you want to get out of your email marketing plan as fast as possible. Many people get stuck in email marketing for years, using the same strategies over again and not seeing any results. They try one thing, tested it, tried something else, and soon faced a complete failure. You don’t have to do this. F you’ve got someone to give you a piece of paper with a few numbers and tell you that your campaign is a flop, then you have a problem. It’s better to spend time testing and learning from your mistakes than making huge mistakes later and spending even more money. You can get outta’ your email marketing for good and move on to other things that produce results.