A sales pitch without a story is like a frame without a picture: it’s just a thing.

The most successful companies in the world have profound storytellers selling.

Humanize your messaging— make your customer the hero in their own story, and use your demo to solve your hero’s problems.

Use these real-life tactics and examples of how top sales leaders use storytelling to improve team performance, drive revenue, and strengthen the buyer-seller connection.

Master your story > improve your demos > win more deals.


Ciara Flaherty – SMD AE Sales Manager at Outreach

Dan Katz – Head of Solutions at Demostack

Isabel Roche – Account Executive at Outreach

Nick Capozzi – Head of Storytelling at Demostack

You’ll learn:

  • Establish and maintain alignment between sales and SEs
  • Increase win rates and deal speed by improving demo quality and consistency
  • Enhance your best practices to ensure your stories are successful and make an impact
  • Utilize storytelling to build a seller-buyer relationship

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