There’s so many options out there I’m losing my mind!

Trying to figure out how I can set somebody up to be a remote appointment setter for 1-5 field reps on the cheap with a CRM and internet calling / texting.

Leads are mostly direct mail and will be scanned and contact info entered into Google sheets for uploading into a CRM / Dialer.

I’d like to attach the original lead to the contact as a PDF or JPG.

The appointment setter will be 100% mobile phone and I’m looking for the following functions:

  • internet calling and limited texting. I’m looking to have at least call logs. Recordings would be nice.

  • ability for the appt setter to add notes as needed

  • Hubspot integration would be nice

  • Google Calendar Integration would be nice but not a big deal if need to flip over to Gcal.

  • No need for bulk dialing. But, would like to call directly from the contact info in the mobile app.

Seems fairly simple but I’m going down CRM and Auto Dialer rabbit holes. Looking for as cheap as possible then hopefully upgrade and improve functions later.

Thanks in advance for any advice or directions to look. And I wish you all prosperity and success!

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