How To Add Agency Access to Your YouTube Account

Yet again, I’m working with a business that is leaving an agency and working with me to optimize their YouTube presence… and, yet again, the agency that they were working with has ownership of all of their accounts. I’ve been complaining about agencies that do this for over a decade now and advising businesses to never do this. Nor should a business ever give login and password access to manage any account.

The appropriate means of doing any agency work is to use the enterprise features of all major platforms, from domain registrars, web hosts, to social channels to provide your agency with manager access but never billing and ownership access. If you don’t, there’s always the chance that the agency and you have a falling out and it’s difficult to get back ownership or access for your next agency. Or worse, the agency or consultant you’re working with could go out of business or not be available when you need it. Don’t risk your business like this!

Today, I’ll walk you through how to provide access to your agency or videographer on your YouTube Channel by adding them as a manager of your brand on Google.

How To Add A Manager On YouTube

Google has been slowly developing interfaces and options to all of their services where you can have a brand account and then add users under that account that provide them limited access. The advantage of this is simple:

  • You’re not providing critical logins and passwords and relying on your agency to keep them safe.
  • You’re never providing ownership to your agency, so there’s no issue if you decide to leave. You simply login and remove their access as a manager.
  • Your agency has limited access to manage the account, without access to features they should never have like billing, user management, or ownership.

Steps To Add an Agency or Videographer To Manage Your YouTube Channel

  1. Open YouTube Studio and click settings in the bottom of the left menu.

YouTube Studio Settings

  1. Select Permissions on your Settings Menu and click Manage Permissions. You may need to login to your account here so Google can validate that you are the owner.

YouTube Studio Permissions

  1. Now you’re in your brand account details and can select manage permissions for your users.

Manage Brand Permissions in Google for YouTube

  1. On the top right, click the icon to Invite New Users.

Add Users In Brand Account in Google for YouTube

  1. Add New Users will now enable you to add an email address as well as their role for your account. My recommendation for an agency or videographer would be to add them as a manager.

How To Add an Agency Manager To YouTube Channel Brand

That’s it… now your user will receive an email notification where they can accept their role and begin to manage your YouTube Channel!

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