Hi All,

For the past 15 days I have been running YouTube Skippable Ads for school admissions. My ads are getting views and impressions. Coming to the CTA part I have fixed the admission page as the final URL. Till now my ads received 1049 clicks. And the avg CPC is INR 11. And my ad spend is now (₹9,893.14). But the GA4 is only showing 110 website users received from YouTube Ad clicks.

Ad Spend: ₹9,893.14

Ads Impression: 158,095

Ad Clicks: 1049

Avg CPC: Rs 11

Campaign Goal: Brand Awareness

Bidding Strategy: Target CPM ( cost-per-thousand impressions)

  1. Please someone help me that why the drastic difference in Ad clicks in GA4
  2. And how the ad cost is calculated with the above stats – (cost based on impressions or cost based on clicks)

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